Fortaleza Metro – Line East

General management, coordination and technical assistance to the implementation of the Line East of the Metro of Fortaleza for Consortium Cetenco – Acciona

Scope Description:

  • Support in the compliance of the contractual aspects as per the routines and specifications approved by the Client;
  • Support in the preparation and monitoring of the physical programming implementation in the Works;
  • Support on the monitoring and controlling of the execution of the works;
  • Support the review and analysis of the executive project, by identifying the occurrence of possible problems and suggesting alternatives to solve them as well as assist the contractor in the adoption of the same to the Government of Ceará and other competent bodies;
  • Support in the planning and implementation of quality control to be exercised for works , services and facilities;
Fortaleza Metro – South Line

Fortaleza Metro – South Line

Coordination and supervision for the assembly of 25 units of AnsaldoBreda’s rolling stock.

Eólica Icaraizinho

Eólica Icaraizinho

Eólica Icaraizinho – Geração e comercialização de energia S.A.