Praia Formosa 104.4 mw Wind Power Plant

Camocim – CE – Brazil
06/2007 – 12/2008

General management, coordination, supervision and technical assistance to the implementation of the Wind Power Plant.

The services include also design analysis, factory inspection of components and insurance of Work Safety control of the site.

Project Description:

Implementation of Wind Power Plant, part of the Program of Incentives for Alternative Energy Sources (PROINFA).

Main data:

  • 50 wind turbine generators, each of 2.1MW power;
  • 12 km of internal access road built on dunes;
  • 15 km of 34.5kV internal transmission line;
  • 130 km of 230kV transmission line;
  • 50 pcs of 600V/34.5kV 2MVA unit substations;
  • 34.5/230kV 120MVA step‐up substation.
Fortaleza Metro – South Line

Fortaleza Metro – South Line

Coordination and supervision for the assembly of 25 units of AnsaldoBreda’s rolling stock.

Fortaleza Metro – Line East

Fortaleza Metro – Line East

Coordination and supervision for implementation of the civil works for Consortium Cetenco - ACCIONA.