Service Order Nº. 01 – Management and supervision

The scope of the work for the contract Nº 002/METROFOR/09 was authorized through the service order Nº 01, issued on April 27th of 2009, for a period of 36 months foreseen to be finished on April 26th of 2012.


The activities for the Supervision and Technical Support to grant the quality control of the design, supply and services of the Rolling Stock and Fixed Systems (Signaling, Telecommunication, Overhead Line, Energy, Control Center, Maintenance Workshop and Ventilation) for the Metro de Fortaleza – South Line are the following:

  • Approval of the planning activities for the manufacture and supply of the equipments for the different systems and rolling stock;
  • Approval of the general planning and programming of the installation works to be presented by manufacturers and/or installation companies;
  • Follow up of the certification process;
  • Supervision of the executive design of equipments, systems and facilities, for control of the execution of contractual technical requirements to avoid interferences with the civil works;
  • Follow up of the manufacture production according to the established on the time schedule, through the proof of the execution of the contractual milestones;
  • Survey and technological control of materials to be utilized in the installation;
  • Control of the preventive actions for reduction of the environmental impact; 
Fortaleza Metro – South Line

Fortaleza Metro – South Line

Coordination and supervision for the assembly of 25 units of AnsaldoBreda’s rolling stock.

Eólica Icaraizinho

Eólica Icaraizinho

Eólica Icaraizinho – Geração e comercialização de energia S.A.