Know How - Services

  • Consulting services in the area of energy, transportation and construction including financial structuring of projects and commercial services for companies for opening markets abroad;
  • Coordination, Management and Supervision of Projects;
  • Technical and economical analysis of industrial, real estate, energy and transportation projects;
  • Works and Tests directions including commissioning;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Preparation of Complete Design (Basic and Executive), including all the necessary licenses and authorization for the implementation of rail transportation systems (metros, light rail systems and BRT’s) and Renewable Energy Power Plants specially using Biomass and Wind;
  • Implementation of Multi‐Functional Real Estate Projects;
  • Working on commercial due‐diligence to evaluate the financial, technical and operational conditions of business;
  • Financial advice on mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, business disposals, privatizations and equity and debt financing.
Eólica Icaraizinho

Eólica Icaraizinho

Eólica Icaraizinho – Geração e comercialização de energia S.A.

Fortaleza Metro – Line East

Fortaleza Metro – Line East

Coordination and supervision for implementation of the civil works for Consortium Cetenco - ACCIONA.